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Top 10 Cloud Security Solutions Companies - 2022

The cloud has been an inevitable force in recent years, becoming an even more crucial part of work lives today. However, the accelerated move to the cloud has also exposed organizations to critical security threats and data breaches that need immediate attention. Also, the growth of cloud computing lacking a carefully planned, orderly fashion, has made it all the more harder to identify vulnerabilities and workload configurations that are out of compliance.

Cybersecurity leaders and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) to that end are under constant pressure to develop cloud fluency-related skill sets. They are also posed with the mandate to maintain security consistency across their data centers and public cloud environments where their cloud applications are deployed.

The limited control and visibility over the increasing complexity associated with multi-cloud environments make it difficult for security teams to protect data adequately in accordance with corporate policy and regulatory requirements. Also, the different built-in security controls and tools across various environments are an obstruction to consistent protection.

Undoubtedly, companies are adopting defense solutions like cybersecurity mesh that provides a means of verifying identity, context, and policy adherence across all relevant environments. Using cybersecurity mesh architecture, businesses take a broader defensive approach to protect their hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure. It helps companies manage access to their data from a centralized security point and delivers centralized security policies with distributed enforcement.

Cybersecurity mesh has also become one of the building blocks of Zero-Trust architecture, which every organization is adopting. The Zero Trust security approach helps companies enhance their security around every device, user, and connection by enabling them to manage threats proactively. In essence, they can strategize a thorough approach to counter threats.

Cloud services continue to grow in the upcoming year as businesses focus on spending significant IT budgets on cloud-based services. To secure these cloud-based services, business leaders have to concentrate on multi-cloud security strategies, cloud-native tools, and cybersecurity mesh.

    Top Cloud Security Solutions Companies

  • SteelCloud— a recognized leader in STIG/CIS/CMMC compliance automation—leverages technology to allow clients to create, document, and maintain continuous compliance in the cloud.

  • Founded in 2017, Spin technology delivers cyber defense, SaaS data management, and security for more than 1,600 corporations globally. It is an integrated platform that protects data across multiple environments comprising Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, and Salesforce.



    Aqua Security is the largest pure-play cloud native security company, providing customers the freedom to innovate and accelerate their digital transformations. The Aqua Platform is the leading Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) and provides prevention, detection, and response automation across the entire application lifecycle



    Cloudflare’s global cloud platform delivers a range of network services to businesses of all sizes around the world—making them more secure while enhancing the performance and reliability of their critical Internet properties



    CloudServus is an IT company that provides cloud platform services, Microsoft identity, and cloud security access services. Based in Austin, Texas, CloudServus is built on years of experience and relationship-building. They hire the top consultants in the industry to deliver exceptional results for their customers



    Orca Security is the industry-leading Cloud Security Platform that identifies, prioritizes, and remediates security risks and compliance issues across your cloud estate spanning AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Kubernetes. Orca Security is on a mission to make it fast, easy, and cost effective for organizations to address the critical cloud security issues so they can operate in the cloud with confidence



    Sparity is a global technology enterprise specialized in providing AI, digital transformation, and complex technology services to a wide range of enterprises, unicorn startups and social institutions. With nearly a decade of experience, they add compelling value through their agile and collaborative approach across client's digital value chain



    Tevora is a specialized management consultancy focused on cybersecurity, risk, and compliance services. Based in Irvine, CA, thei experienced consultants are devoted to supporting the CISO in protecting their organization’s digital assets. They make it their responsibility to ensure the CISO has the tools and guidance they need to build their departments so they can prevent and respond to daily threats



    Thrive is a leading provider of NextGen managed services designed to drive business outcomes through application enablement and optimization. The company’s Thrive5 Methodology utilizes a unique combination of its Application Performance Platform and strategic services to ensure each business application takes advantage of technology that enables peak performance, scale, and security



    Touchstone Security is a company with a passion for technology, a hyper-focus on cybersecurity, and a special affinity for cloud technology. Their vision is to be the most trusted provider of cybersecurity services by combining the best security talent with the right tools and practices