These Five Innovations Are Changing How You Will Secure Your Digital Operations

Top 10 Cloud Security Solution Companies - 2019

Cloud computing applications and platforms are proliferating across enterprises today—owing to its capabilities in accelerating business processes and fostering collaboration.  However, with the widespread usage of cloud technology, companies are now pondering on one question—is the cloud secure?  While the digital IT infrastructure is beneficial in several ways, it does come with its own set of security challenges. One of the biggest security concerns while moving data to the cloud is the loss of access.  Despite the fact the cloud vendors offer Identity and access management tools, there have been several instances of unauthorised entry. With that arises the issue of data loss and data theft—which is in every way harmful for enterprises. 

Apart from these hurdles, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) like Hydraq and Stuxnet are another significant issue that could harm the information stored in the cloud. With the rise of the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks wherein hackers attempt to disrupt normal traffic of a targeted server, service or network by overwhelming the target or its surrounding infrastructure with a flood of Internet traffic, there is an immense need to focus on what’s happening across a company’s cloud server. Last but not least are the infamous data breaches—which is an ever-increasing concern for organization across the globe. Unlike data that was stored on-premise, the cloud is a lot easier to access and hack, making the company a lot more vulnerable to attacks than ever before.

To mitigate these challenges, cloud security providers (CSPs) enter the market with solutions and services that ranges from multifactor authentication to SIEM to antiphishing to IT governance, risk and compliance. CSPs today are offering several Cloud Workload Protection Platforms that can work with cloud infrastructure as well as virtual machines to monitor and prevent threats. To better monitor activity and enforce security polices from an access perspective, CSPs also offer Cloud Access Security Broker platforms. Lastly, there are software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms that offer a broad range of security tools and technologies that are delivered from the cloud in a SaaS model. These essential helps CIOs and CISOs protect both cloud and on-premises workloads.

Owing the increasing number of attacks, many solutions providers have entered the market, offering an array of technologies and services that can help businesses protect their data on the cloud from unauthorized access, data breaches and other security threats. While it is imperative for companies to deploy a robust cloud security solution, picking the right one has become another challenge.

We hope this issue of the Enterprise Security Magazine helps you build the partnership you need to foster a secure cloud environment in your firm. We present to you Enterprise Security Magazine’s “Top 10 Cloud Security Solution Providers - 2019.”

    Top Cloud Security Companies

  • CloudVector, earlier called ArecaBay, is the world’s first API Detection & Response (API DR) platform to continuously Discover, Monitor, and Secure APIs and API Data. It goes beyond the gateway to provide complete coverage of your application environments ranging from legacy applications, 3rd party applications, virtualized, containerized, and server-less applications. Deep Detection and Response finds anomalies at the API object and function level. This level of protection means rapid response times when targeting specific API data transactions. It also ensures data breaches get stopped in real-time

  • Businesses have always tried to strengthen their perimeter network defences by placing an emphasis on firewalls and end-point/anti-virus protection. Although this approach has been effective in the past, it fails to provide adequate protection across the current landscape of threats. Delval Technology Solutions—a leading information technology management company—provides turn-key solutions to protect its clients’ and their customers’ data. To help its clients secure their systems and data, the company offers comprehensive and affordable cybersecurity services based on four key constituents— cybersecurity awareness training, formal risk management and assessment program, cutting-edge tools, and a proprietary online portal to help clients manage all of their security and compliance information in one place

  • InGuardians is an independent information security consulting company providing high-value services. Our specialties include Red Team Penetration Testing, Security Architecture Reviews, ICS and IIoT Security, Incident Response, and Custom Training. InGuardians is recognized as a leader in cloud and container security. The InGuardians team delivers talks and training on Kubernetes and container security, penetration testing, and other specialized topics at top industry conferences like RSA, DEF CON, and the Black Hat Briefings. InGuardians’ CTO co-led the Kubernetes project’s Security Audit Working Group. The team has developed Open Source projects for Kubernetes, including Peirates, a Kubernetes penetration testing tool, and Bustakube, an intentionally-vulnerable Kubernetes cluster built as a teaching tool. Established in 2003 by industry veterans, InGuardians brings technical experience and business acumen to your projects.

  • Intalent’s delivers cloud security competencies across the three key pillars: connectivity, capabilities, and partnerships. The company’s capabilities are based upon its professional services that include multisite integration, customized applications development and integration, back office integration, maintenance and upgrades that are vital to the success of the clients. The company is capable of providing better services for cloud computing, deployment automation, scalability, storage, security, collaboration, and it also changes the workflow to help business owners to take better decisions. The firm’s employees are committed to the success of its customers, providing the best products and services in the industry

  • SecureSky—a provider of a complete portfolio of cloud security solutions—offers clients visibility and security across their cloud and enterprise environments and fully addresses today’s cybersecurity challenges. SecureSky offers the Active Risk Protection and Response Platform and supporting consulting and subscription-based managed detection and response services to help clients stay ahead of the new attack vectors. Also, SecureSky aligns itself with best practices like CIS benchmarks, Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), NIST CSF, and several additional compliance frameworks. This helps clients gain visibility into their compliance position, govern deployments, and determine risks

  • Evolve IP

    Evolve IP

    For over a decade Evolve IP has delivered customized strategies and integrated services for both cloud computing and communications; solutions that are designed to work together and with the applications you already use in your business. The Evolve IP is The Cloud Strategy Company™. Since 2007 Evolve IP has been enabling businesses to deploy both cloud computing and cloud communications services on a single, unified platform. One of the world’s fastest growing cloud strategy companies, Evolve IP provides best-of-breed cloud solutions to more than 1,900 enterprises across the globe and to more than 450,000 users

  • GlobalDots


    GlobalDots is a leading web and cloud performance & security value-add-reseller with over 15 years of experience. The firm’s unique positioning on the global market enables it to be at the forefront of every new technology and with that unique expertise we help our clients to quickly and cost effectively choose, test and deploy the best solutions to service their customer base. GlobalDots makes IT faster by bringing expertise and hot new technologies to enterprise customers all over the world. Its clients range from Fortune 500 to small & medium enterprise to promising startups in practically every industry and vertical

  • JHC Technology

    JHC Technology

    JHC Technology is a preferred cloud solution provider for Federal, State, and Local Governments, working across multiple Cloud Service Providers (CSP). The firm provides intelligent engineering and development services focused on disruptive technologies with core capabilities in cloud, virtualization, mobility, and collaboration. It delivers high performing subject matter experts to support clients in multiple industries, including defense, international trade, financial services, grant administration, science, and retail. JHC is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Public Sector Partner, and Government and Commercial Reseller, and we hold the Government Competency and GovCloud Skill Partner status

  • Netskope


    Netskope is the leader in cloud security. It helps the world’s largest organizations take full advantage of the cloud and web without sacrificing security. The firm's patented Cloud XD technology eliminates blind spots by going deeper than any other security provider to quickly target and control activities across thousands of cloud services and millions of websites. Netskope delivers real-time, cloud-native security, without the traditional performance trade-off. With full control from one cloud, its customers benefit from 360-degree data protection that guards data everywhere and advanced threat protection that stops elusive attacks. At Netskope, we call this smart cloud security

  • Security First

    Security First

    SecurityFirst develops advanced data-centric cyber security solutions. Its software-based technology meets the growing mandate for data security, privacy and resiliency -- by using the most powerful industry standards and adding a unique cryptographic splitting capability. The firm’s SPxCore™ technology drives the underlying data protection for SecurityFirst DataKeep and multiple partner products, such as IBM® Multi-Cloud Data Encryption, powered by SPx™. SecurityFirst provides innovative and affordable software solutions that protect one of the world’s most valuable assets – digital data. Also, DataKeep software delivers controlled access to data to track unauthorized activity regardless of the data location, and protects any data from being exposed in the event of a breach by rendering it useless to hackers