Tuya Smart Enables Partners in Asia-Pacific and Africa to Focus on What They do Best by Leverage on IoT Platform

Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA)

Tuya Smart, a leading global IoT Cloud platform, is not just lining up new partners in developing world, but working integrally with them, to ensure in-depth knowledge of regional needs.

Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA), a leading global IoT Cloud platform, has seen great success in Asia-Pacific and Africa over the years by maximizing partnerships with key manufacturers and players in the region, enabling millions of products to be powered by Tuya’s technologies and platforms. This strategy has allowed for mutually beneficial partnerships to be the key driver in Tuya’s global strategy.

In regions such as Africa and Australia, successful partnerships depend on lowering costs and supporting brands to lower the entry costs of IoT products. With South Africa’s Vizia Tech (PTY) LTD, Tuya has enabled the brand to execute brand strategies with quality products locally. Vizia manages the entire supply chain from concept to product delivery. All their factories are approved by Tuya, giving the consumer and partners confidence in the quality of the products and solutions being provided.

“In Tuya, we have found a partner who can support our mission to bring affordable smart devices to homes in South Africa." says Gidon Kruger, Co-Founder of Vizia. "This was the perfect match with Vizia's vision - to be a leading company in the IoT space in South Africa by leveraging our strong relationships with many Internet Service Providers (ISP's), Teleco's and retailers in South Africa."

Similarly in Australia, Clever Life, a leading home automation company, has partnered Tuya to develop a platform to support its customers and enabled the creation of smart home products for the Australian market. The deployment of smart home products by Clever Life is a first for the company, filling a significant gap in the automation market in Australia.

In SEA and specifically Singapore, sometimes successful partnerships create new opportunities. Automate Asia, a Singaporean smart home system manufacturer, has worked with Tuya’s platforms to not only develop their own brand of ‘Powered by Tuya’ IoT products, but also worked with other local companies to enhance their products through other smart home platforms such as SmartThings and Homey. Initially set up to focus on smart healthcare in 2004, Singapore’s AXTRO has since branched out to providing smart Home Security solutions. After partnering with Tuya in 2020, AXTRO became the first company to offer a DIY smart security solution in Singapore, with the intention to roll it out to neighboring countries soon.

Since working with Tuya, collaborations had also freed up partners to focus on their key strengths. Near has been working with Tuya Smart since late 2018 and is the first official Singaporean smart lighting brand to be Powered by Tuya. Tuya is involved in all aspects of Near’s product creation cycle from PCB design to UI customization. As a result, Near can release new products quickly and ahead of their competition. 

As IoT becomes more pervasive throughout the region, other related industries have come to recognize the value of working with Tuya. The company is working closely with AddIn, the first Southeast Asia Home-Reno Vertical E-commerce platform. AddIn is the first Online-to-Offline (O2O) e-commerce platform in China-ASEAN, selling products and services in four key areas – home furnishings, interior design, renovation, and renovation materials. With Legate, a Singaporean home lifestyle supplier, the trust that this established company has built up has enabled consumers to trust Tuya-enabled products. Legate has successfully leveraged Tuya’s cloud services to power the Legate Smart Home app, building on the brand’s visibility and consumer trust.

Other partners, such as Koble, which has more than 15 dealers in Singapore and works with numerous accredited government agencies bring deep understanding and existing networks to successful partnerships. Koble has been using ‘Powered by Tuya’ solutions since December 2019. Coupled with their understanding of the Singapore market, Koble has been able to offer Singaporeans with a robust and sound smart home solution.

Sometimes, partnerships are simply a matter of taking a leap of faith together. As the first company in Singapore to provide ‘Powered by Tuya’ products, SCT can help users with intelligent upgrading and remote control of products, by supplying multiple IoT control systems compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth mesh for homes and outdoor estates. In the past year, SCT has successfully sold more than 10,000 smart devices and received market recognition. 

Tuya’s global partnerships has also let to the discovery of new strengths and strategies. In South Korea, Tuya is injecting new life into what seems like a saturated market, together with AnyOnNet, one of South Korea's leading IoT suppliers. In only six months after working together, AnyOnNet has introduced more than 20 different types of products powered by Tuya from appliances to businesses. Also, Tuya has enabled AnyOnNet to launch both OEM apps and SaaS solutions for its partners.

"AnyOnNet is an IoT expert for the South Korean market and vendors. And although the partnership has only been in effect for just about a year, we already see great success in terms of Tuya's presence and reputation in South Korea," said Tina Yu, General Manager of Eurasia from Tuya Smart.

Similarly in Japan, Tuya has worked with NISSHO, a tradition-rich household Japanese brand, to develop new products for the TOLIGO brand, which specializes in smart home products under NISSHO. Tuya has also developed the TOLIGO app with TOLIGO, connecting smart products to the app, which brings them to life with an easy-to-use interface and various connectivity options so that customers can control smart home devices through the TOLIGO app anytime and anywhere.

“I am certain that the partnership with Tuya will help us expand our business. Themed ‘Interior × IoT’, TOLIGO will continue to provide comfortable and various living experiences in the future,” said Hidenori Takahashi, Prisident of NISSHO.

One key factor of successful partnerships in the region is build trust with partners. In Indonesia, BARDI Smart Home, one of the fastest growing smart home companies in Indonesia, has worked together with Tuya to navigate the complex demands and needs of Indonesian consumers. Recently BARDI and Tuya has come together to enable Indonesian operator XL Axiata to deliver a smart home and lifestyle concept. Currently BARDI and XL Axiata sell smart IPC and lighting products based on Tuya’s technology on Tokopedia, Indonesia's largest e-commerce platform. At the same time, XL Axiata will also join Tuya’s open ecosystem, and interconnect with other ‘Powered by Tuya’ products to realize the “one app, all smart” vision.

CEO of BARDI, Ryan Maurice Tallulah said, “the support of Tuya Smart enables us to help more enterprises enter the IoT market and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the smart home market in Southeast Asia.”

Through this range of partnerships, we can see Tuya reaping the results of working hand in hand with its partners across Asia-Pacific and Africa. Whether it is the discovery of new product lines, greater understanding of needs, or establishing of more strategic networks, it certainly pays to not just appoint partners, but walk alongside them.