Netskope: Shift to Cloud with Confidence

CIO VendorSanjay Beri, CEO
In 2012, the salty tang of security vulnerabilities indicating a sea change in the realm of IT landscape prompted Sanjay Beri, a long-time executive in networking and security technology, to reflect on what security in enterprise IT would entail. Wondering why there was a dearth of secure access in an era of cloud applications, Beri was inspired to see the cloud differently and develop a solution with the mission of provisioning compliant use of cloud apps in real-time. “Enterprises are rapidly moving to the cloud with SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. The basic question facing a CIO/CSO is what do I do to get the security auditing, analytics, and visibility needed to enable this movement to the cloud?,” begins Beri. Addressing this need, Beri founded Netskope to develop a solution that enables confident transition to the cloud. The cloud app analytics and policy company—Netskope—brings various aspects of the IT and the cloud together, where organizations can select their favorite apps and let their business operate at the speed of a cloud in a safe manner.

To begin with, Netskope offers a cloud enablement solution that empowers its clients with the ability to find, understand and secure every single cloud app, sanctioned or Shadow IT. The firm’s solution allows looking at the applications at the transaction level and not just the URLs to get the visibility into the enterprise data contained within the applications. Netskope’s easy-to-use interface displays a high level view of cloud apps usage where CSOs can view the number of users and applications in use for a given period of time. The Netskope cloud allows monitoring aspects like the top apps in use, people using them and the device they've gained access from.

This profound view into a cloud app allows unlocking a level of analysis that makes Netskope a very powerful tool. Followed by this, the firm’s solution leverages real-time machine based learning for transforming analysis of cloud apps into actionable insights that shine out in terms of contextual specificity.

The basic question facing a CIO/CSO is what do I do to get the security auditing, analytics, and visibility needed to enable this movement to the cloud?

Once the application has been discovered and deep analytics has been performed for valuable insights, the solution allows enabling policy enforcement on the traffic for strengthening data security in the cloud.

Ripping the blindfold off of Shadow IT, Netskope allows examining activities, like risk exposure, policy violations, and more, of a specific app with just a single click. Addressing the need for granular level of understanding of cloud apps, the firm has developed Active Cloud DLP that protects sensitive data against threats, leaks and breaches. The firm’s solution also calculates the up-to-the-second risk assessment of app usage and provides with a comprehensive enterprise readiness score which is aggregated into the Netskope Cloud Confidence Index. This unique approach of monitoring apps at an activity level allows clients to get a bird's eye view of all transactions and sharpens the focus on understanding app usage.

Netskope has worked closely with customers from diverse sectors and regions to assist them with safe cloud enablement while moving to cloud. Once, a global retailer was grappling to meet the data governance requirements while providing access to Office 365 to nearly 200,000 of its employees. Netskope's solution allow governance and policy enforcement for Office 365 access, activitives and data and assisted the client to extend their security model to the cloud to protect data and also comply with PCI.

Given that the phenomenal growth of cloud applications shows no signs of slowdown, organizations stand in a need to make the transition in a safe way. This is where Netskope is forging ahead as Cloud Access Security Broker to assist client with safe cloud enablement.