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Brian Mott, Founding Partner, LangtechBrian Mott, Founding Partner
How can we maintain security with a hybrid workforce? How secure is the cloud? How do I use identity in the cloud? These are some of the questions that we have been hearing a lot in the past few years. We have been lifting clients out of their on-premise IT infrastructure, moving them into the cloud and implementing a zero-trust model, which has been especially important due to the popularity of remote workforces over the past few years,” says Chris Clothier, CISO, Langtech.

Located in Silicon Valley in California, Langtech is an IT consulting firm that implements long-term, proactive solutions to ensure maximum uptime for organizations’ critical IT infrastructure. It combines its engineers’ and consultants’ knowledge with the latest enterprise-class tools to deliver affordable and strategic solutions. As a full-service IT provider, the company offers a suite of managed security services, especially for Small-Medium Businesses (SMB). It also has a custom software development and data management division. With a strong security mindset, these divisions support each other to ensure the highest value for clients.

“Most of the projects that we handle today are security related, as security is at the top of mind for everyone right now given the ever-increasing cyber threats. Clients are proactively taking initiatives to improve their security posture,” says Brian Mott, Langtech’s founding partner.

Unlike large businesses, SMBs often lack the budget for penetration testing or continuous audits. Langtech fills this gap by providing top-tier security with continuous security audits, vulnerability scans, user awareness training, and more. Langtech views security as a mindset, rather than a one-time set of projects. The company takes a holistic approach to security and identifies how clients use and integrate their data throughout their different applications and software.
Providing a CISO-level view of clients’ existing technology infrastructure, Langtech provides a mix of tools, protocols and education to bridge the gaps between existing security systems to provide a unified defense against external and internal vulnerabilities.

By running risk assessments, Langtech first identifies the gaps and areas of work and then formulates a customized plan. It can be a six-month, one-year, or five-year plan. The company then prioritizes where the security improvements can be made and focuses initially on quick wins. For example, if a client does not have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in place, Langtech can implement the authentication method instantly. This is a relatively quick way to bring clients up to a higher security tier. It then prioritizes projects for continuous improvement and progress monitoring.

Langtech’s security specialists come from multiple backgrounds and bring different skill sets, facilitating diverse perspectives and ideas. These experts continually educate Langtech’s employees and client staff regarding security protocols as they are often the biggest targets for attacks. For example, the company occasionally sends out fake phishing emails to see if people are properly educated, or if they fall for them. These collaborative efforts help ensure that employees and clients are constantly on the lookout for threats.

Most of the projects that we handle today are security related, as security is at the top of mind for everyone right now

Langtech also conducts quarterly webinars for clients, which complement its security methods. It conducts a survey to determine the topics people are interested in and then holds a session on the most popular. It also provides the recording of these sessions to clients to pass on to their team for continued education on security-related matters.

With such a practical service approach, Langtech continues to strive to be technology agnostic and stay ahead of the rapidly evolving security landscape. It listens to its clients, security experts, and employees, and melds all the information together to make the best decisions on crafting a security platform for its clients.
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San Francisco, CA

Brian Mott, Founding Partner

Langtech combines the benefits of the latest enterprise-class tools, a knowledgeable core staff, and the services of a tightly integrated network of engineers and consultants to bring organization a solution that ensures maximum uptime for their critical IT infrastructure