Top 10 Cloud Security Solution Companies 2016

Fishtech: Cloud Security Solutions for the Era of Digital Transformation

CIO VendorGary Fish, CEO
In this era of digital transformation, C-level executives are finding out that they have inadequate internal resources to support this transformation. Until recently, it was all about onsite operations, but currently with the cloud infiltrating various industries, the future belongs to the cloud and now CIOs and CSOs need to understand the repercussions of the choice to take everything offsite. Fishtech is a startup attempting to do just that. Founder and CEO Gary Fish and his team already have a solid history in cyber security, having built and sold FishNet Security, which was focused on onsite security.

Fishtech was born out of consideration of the huge cyber security gap in the industry. “We like to say that we were born in the cloud,” says Fish. “Because when we started, everything was done in the cloud, just the way our clients are contemplating doing things. This allows us to relate to our customers, who want to take a traditional network-based infrastructure and move it to the cloud.”

Fishtech is a services-first organization. Rather than strictly solving security challenges through technology, they look at the planning process when it comes to moving to the cloud. “We have had clients who started implementing Office 365 and got halfway through the process only to find it was more difficult than they anticipated,” says Fish. “Then they have to backtrack and come up with an implementation plan. This is where FishTech comes in. We take our customers on a journey to the cloud from a services standpoint first, and then we fill the gaps in with technology.”

Often, people just view cyber security as cyber security and it's not. There are distinct differences between legacy solutions and cloud security solutions

Fishtech has developed a predefined architecture for connecting an organization to the cloud and then securing not just the cloud portion of that, but also the onsite portion. Prior to implementation, they evaluate their customer’s existing cloud infrastructure to assess all the cloud applications that are running in that particular environment. “We typically find that very large environments have more than 500 cloud applications running at any one time and generally the IT department is aware of about half of those,” says Fish.

Fishtech differentiates itself from the competition through the experience they bring to the table. As Fish explains, “There are a lot of integrators focused on legacy security solutions, but not a lot that have been able to pivot their organization to focus just on cloud security and digital transformation and that is where our sweet spot is.” Fishtech also has the unique approach of investing in technologies that complement its cloud transformation architecture.

While customers come first, Fishtech also operates with its employees in mind. They have a unique business model where half the upside of the company will go to the employees. Fishtech is currently building in the Midwest, with their sights set on moving east and west once they have solidified their Midwest presence. Fish is excited by where the company is going. “I really believe that within the next 10 years this company can be a Bn dollar-plus company. We built it from the ground up to scale to that level.”