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Micah Bosico, President, Delval technology SolutionsMicah Bosico, President
Businesses have always tried to strengthen their perimeter network defences by placing an emphasis on firewalls and end-point/anti-virus protection. Although this approach has been effective in the past, it fails to provide adequate protection across the current landscape of threats—which at this time, is a huge concern that needs to be addressed in the marketplace. In addition to being a responsible corporate citizen, companies also need to demonstrate compliance with the ever expanding universe of regulations while implementing protection mechanisms that inspire confidence in their customers. These factors have compelled CIOs and CISOs to surpass the limitations of perimeter-based security and embrace the next generation of security solutions.

Delval Technology Solutions is a leading information technology management company that provides turn-key solutions to protect its clients’ and their customers’ data. “Years ago, we realized that the whole concept of security needs to be taken to the next level. So we restructured our security services to focus on the three most critical areas our customers need: end-user security awareness training, responsible systems management, and the capability to detect and respond to incidents,” says Micah Bosico, President of Delval Technology Solutions.

To help its clients secure their systems and data—beyond perimeter network defenses—Delval Technology Solutions offers comprehensive and affordable cybersecurity services based on four key constituents. First, the company offers both online and onsite cybersecurity awareness training by partnering with some of the best content providers in the industry. These training programs are designed to prepare clients’ internal staff to combat the most common types of attacks. Most importantly, the content is updated regularly to keep them acclimated to changes in the threat landscape.
The next part, the formal risk management and assessment program, have been designed to analyze clients’ systems and infrastructure to develop a strategic mitigation plan. Following which, Delval Technology Solutions uses cutting-edge tools for log correlation, vulnerability testing, and end user behavior analysis. The company also has a proprietary online portal to help clients manage all of their security and compliance information in one place. “It’s a one-stop-shop for all of the client’s security-related information,” says Bosico.

In addition to their best in class security solutions, Delval Technology Solutions has an extensive cloud services model that encompasses private cloud, public/hybrid cloud, recovery cloud, and application cloud services. It has significant resources and capabilities for off-site data hosting, disaster recovery, and infrastructure replication. Complementing these, the company also provides traditional managed services with 24x7 monitoring and helpdesk support to a well established client base. Delval Technology Solutions always keeps its core team well acquainted with evolving technology and the ever-changing threat landscape by providing continuous training. “We strive to keep our team one step ahead of the vulnerabilities,” says Bosico. This helps them remain client-centered and seamlessly enhances their advanced products and services approach.

The company has clearly carved a niche in their regional market. Although their services would benefit every business, their most rapid growth has been with law firms, accounting firms, and other financial services clients who have a clear understanding of the risks that can result when information security is not on the forefront of the business strategy. Delval Technology Solutions engages with these companies and helps them regularly demonstrate - to both regulators and customers- that they are responsibly managing their data.

Bosico believes that Delval Technology Solutions will stay at the forefront in the regional security services marketplace. “There are many high end and complex systems in the marketplace. Our solutions provide maximum value at affordable prices.” Bosico already has plans for the next generation of security services, and Delval Technology Solutions appears to be well ahead of the competition. “Our future as a regional security services provider is very bright,” he concludes.
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Micah Bosico, President

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