Top 10 Cloud Security Solution Companies 2016

Conjur: Trust Management in the Cloud and Container Era

CIO VendorElizabeth Lawler, CEO & Co-Founder
The rapid adoption of cloud computing places a tremendous strain on traditional approaches to identity and access management. Historically, businesses have been primarily concerned with controlling employee’s access privileges to sensitive resources - a challenge that was relatively static and modest in scale. In the cloud era, the way in which applications and services are being built and deployed has led to an exponential increase in the number of identities that need to be managed. Virtual machines and containers are being created, torn down and redeployed at a pace and scale that was unimaginable to most people a few years ago.

Conjur meets a critical market need for establishing trusted identities and controlling access rights in the cloud amidst this revolution. Founded in 2013, Conjur is transforming the way enterprises manage security as they embrace the cloud as a core component of their IT strategy. The cybersecurity company is making it easy for organizations to deploy whatever DevOps tools they want in hybrid and multi-cloud environments while still maintaining rigorous security controls over their dynamic infrastructure.

Conjur’s trust management platform is a rethinking of identity and access management for the cloud era - not just for people, but for the code and machines that organizations increasingly rely on to do business. The platform automates machine identity provisioning, authorization of privileged access, service account control and machine to machine (M2M) connectivity in a way that meets the digital transformation needs of business leaders, architects, DevOps teams, CISOs and auditors.

“The cloud’s promise of innovation, agility and efficiency requires a new approach to security that operates at the same scale and velocity as the underlying infrastructure,” said Elizabeth Lawler, CEO and Co-founder of Conjur. “With Conjur’s trust management platform, enterprises in highly regulated industries can balance their need for flexibility to adopt ever-changing cloud technologies with their existential security requirements.”

With Conjur's trust management platform, enterprises in highly regulated industries can balance their need for flexibility to adopt ever-changing cloud technologies with their existential security requirements

Conjur’s trust management platform fills a big gap in the market. The company has already attracted the attention of prominent investors, partners and customers. Venture capital firms Avalon Ventures and Amplify Partners have invested in Conjur, as has Koa Labs, the investment firm of Andy Palmer, a serial entrepreneur and founding CEO of Vertica. Conjur also partners with several complementary technology partners, including configuration management software vendors like Puppet and Chef, as well as cloud infrastructure management and platform as a service (PaaS) providers.

Customers industry-wide have deployed the software, particularly those in financial services, communications and software development. One such customer that has seen success with Conjur is an Internet streaming company. The organization needed to transition its IT infrastructure to the cloud, and it required a solution that could provide M2M authorization controls, Secure Shell (SSH) key and secrets management, and comprehensive permission auditing. Conjur met all of these needs and provided high availability role-based access control that could be deployed and used within minutes. With Conjur, the Internet streaming company was able to rapidly scale to the cloud with a robust authorization system in place.

Looking forward, Conjur expects to continue its rapid growth as it expands sales and marketing efforts and delivers against its ambitious product roadmap. “We’re still in the early days of a massive migration towards the cloud,” says Lawler. “Security-conscious companies are realizing that they need a comprehensive approach to orchestrating security and managing privileged access in this new world without getting locked into a single cloud platform or DevOps technology. That’s why they’re turning to Conjur.”